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DVD/BluRay: DVD and BluRay have their place but it is an increasing smaller place that they occupy in today's market. Both DVD and BluRay are great for viewing on your TV only. But, increasing videos are being played on computers, phones, tablets, laptops and from sites like You Tube. If you only need it to play on your TV then DVD or BluRay probably still make sense for you.

Streaming Files: MP4 streaming files are replacing DVD/BluRay because they can be played anywhere or uploaded on online sites. They are still highly compressed and this is why we don't recommend MP4 streaming files if you want a master quality digital file from your tape. MP4 files are really just for display like DVD and BluRay.

Editing Files: Editing files (MOV, AVI, HD-AVI, ProRes) are master quality editing files. You either want one of these because you know you want to edit the footage or you want the master quality files so you aren't locked into formats like DVD and BluRay.