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The Film Transfer Company has been professionally scanning film over 25 years. We use Broadcast quality Hollywood film scanners to get the best possible digital representation of your film. But, we are also know for our extensive film and video tape restoration services. The restoration services can make your 8mm, Super 8, 16mm & 35mm film look like it did when it was first taken. Lastly, price. We not only offer top tier quality, but we offer it at a bottom tier price. The best quality at the best price.

North American Headquarters:

Film Transfer Company
1010 W Chandler Heights Road
Chandler Arizona 85248


Customers include many government, independent movie makers and industrial corporations. We have scanned film and Betacam tapes for NASA. We provided SpaceX with a 4K scan of 35mm film for their first launch to the International Space Station. Film Transfer Company has converted other Air Force and NASA related footage like moon walks, missile and fighter jet flights from the 1960's. For the United States Geological Survey we scanned 20,000 feet of volcanic activity captured on 16mm film. Lastly, we have scanned many independent movies like "Trouble with Cali", "Emma Blue", JFK investigative films, Converse anniversary footage and many many more.


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